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New Beginnings!

New beginning

I´ve not been updating this blog for a while..

..and that´s because I found something that blew my mind..

…and I had to really dig into it and see if it was as good as it seemed…

So, now I just want to say this – go here and get started! ==>> http://www.gotlcdiet.com/bpl

I am just launching this business and want YOU to run with me!

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I and my partner Peter are working on this together and we are both super pumped up to help as many people as possible to be able to quickly earn $1.000 extra per WEEK and then more!

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Turning $25 Into $450K in 2013…with a Blog

How To Turn a $25 Blog Into 450K in a Year….

I simply love this video…who would imagine this about a blog…?

My friend and mentor Michelangelo Lopez will show you…

…The Exact Steps On How He Took A $25 Blog And Earned $450K in 2013..

Blogging Platform


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change link address

Change your link address with a free Plugin

Plugin to Change Your Link Address

As a marketer I want my links to look good and not be too long

To change the url address for a link you can always use url-shorteners like bitly but then you get an ugly short address instead of an ugly long address…

If you have a wordpress blog you can just install a free plugin and create your own personalized urls.

For this blog I chose the WP Dynamic Links Plugin and it works fine.

It works like this – I want to shorten this link: http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=liliandruve because it´s long and my affiliate name is at the end.

To install the plugin just go to Plugins in the left hand column and click “add new”.

In the search box put in WP Dynamic Links.

Click on “Install Now” and follow the instructions.

Voilá now you can shorten your first link and make it look good!

I shortened my link to: http://liliandruve.com/almostasecret (liliandruve.com is my blog url and it will always be there – what you can change is what comes afterwards, in this case “almost a secret”).

You can create as many new links as you wish with this cool plugin. I love it!


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I just found this Simple2Advertise blogging & advertising tool which immediately gave me more subscribers and the first new sign-up into one of my businesses within 12 hours.

That´s why I´m writing this blog post..because if you are on my blog you might be interested in how to make more money from your blog…right?

I know every blogger who blogs to make money wants more leads and more sign-ups and customers because that´s where the money is…

I also know every marketer wants to do as little job as possible to get these leads, sign-ups and customers (so that you can live life to your own design – maybe set up a new blog just for fun and maybe monetize that one too – these days you can write about practically anything and make money from it, if you go about it the right way…).

So, by chance I just stumbled upon this Simple2Advertise (and the name says it all) blogging & advertising tool and found out that many of the other big names in the industry use it too.

And if the big names use it – it works and you should use it too…

With Simple2Advertise you will get several catching banners and capture pages to paste on your blog, in your emails, in solo-ads etc. You can customize them to fit your needs if you want – for me I´ve used the pre made ones this far.

Up until now I´ve done my banners and capture pages myself or I´ve bought them from Fiverr and the like but with Simple2Advertise I save lots of time and money.

The below is one of the marketing tools from Simple2Advertise called the Millionaire Mindset 2 Minute Quiz – this was the one that gave me the first sign-up from this blogging advertising tool.

I just link the banner/capture page to the offer I have and voilá I will have more leads/subscribers than ever before coming in!

The Simple2Advertise blogging & advertising tool has tutorial videos on how to get going immediately so even a marketing beginner will fix this.

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Lilian Druve

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A great quote from a great action taker…


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