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My Music


I´m a musician by trade and still perform occationally.

I also write my own songs, often together with my twin sister Anneli. This far we only write in Swedish.

Anneli though, composes music as well – mostly classical music for highly skilled to average skilled instrumentalists.

Below is an example for piano, clarinet and guitar. Anneli plays the piano, I the guitar and Carina Gullberg plays the clarinet.

This was recorded at a consert with music solely by women composers in Östra Frölunda kyrka on the International Women´s Day 2019.

Please feel free to print our sheet music for free and maybe play yourself? ==>> DruveMusik

About Lilian


I´ve been travelling the world a lot; as a musician and as an athlete. Having a regular job was not an option nor a desire for me. Instead, I was searching for something I could do while out and about, anywhere in the world. Something that did not require regular hours or a certain amount of time. I wanted something that could make me money when I had the time to pursue it. Something I could do from my computer or my smartphone.


I´ve been singing almost all my life and later learned to play the piano and the guitar. After 5 years of university studies, involving a college teacher´s exam, I moved from Sweden (where I´m born) to Budapest in Hungary for 2 1/2 years. I studied voice with Maria Teresa Uribe, a soloist at the Budapest Opera. With me I had my twin sister Anneli Druve who already was an accomplished musician with an exam from Malmö Musikhögskola (master of fine arts).

Coming home from Budapest we started our own music company and gave concerts all over Sweden and also opera performances for children.

I´m the one in the red gown sitting in front of the ensemble
I´m the one in the red gown sitting in front of the ensemble

For some years I toured the world with the renaissance group Ensemble Villancico. We performed in 18 countries in one year – I believe it was..and did a recording of unique Villancicos (old spanish songs).

These days I mainly perform together with my sister and a third musician called Carina Gullberg. We play our own music and songs. The lyrics are in Swedish and this is our homepage (in Swedish): DruveMusik


I played badminton as a semi-professional for 8 years, representing Sweden.

After that I found racketlon (table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis) and became a multiple world champion both individually and with the Swedish national team. This is a sport I truly love!


With the Gig economy already here I know people need more income opportunities and also more flexible ways to make money. And maybe you are like me – you have interests you want to pursue and need some funding to be able to do it full time…

When I was starting out trying to make money online I bought one online education after the other, spent thousands of dollars on various trainings and now I know what to recommend…and what not…I´ve found my way around the internet. I know what works for me and what can work for you…


The purpose of LilianDruve.com is to gather all my different walks of life in one place and give you an insight in what I can help you with. Maybe you want help to get started with network marketing or online marketing or even getting to that next level if you are already a successful marketer so that you can own your life and your time, being able to live your life to the fullest!

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Join the journey with me. Follow me. Ask me for help or offer your own opinions. Thanks for stopping by LilianDruve.com and reading my story. I´m looking forward to reading your success story as well!


…and I will help you get going online if that´s your wish…




Lilian Druve